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The thing about blogging

7 Sep

The thing about blogging is that it seems like such a commitment. I know people who try to post everyday or every few days or at the very least every week. Have you noticed that in the past year I have posted twice? But really could you blame me? I was kind of busy.

I was finishing up grad school, and taking on a full course load to do it, I was working two part time jobs, and planning a wedding. Blogging was just not a reality. I am not entirely sure it will be a reality to keep up with now either, but I was inspired by a friend’s private blog to at least try. The thing about blogging is that it forces you to use your mind to articulate the things that you think and feel, and let’s be honest here, now that I’m finished with school, I really don’t want my mind to turn to mush.

I actually wrote on my twitter last night that I miss school. I do not miss the countless hours of hardcore studying, or the tests, or the homework of endless papers. That part I am glad to be rid of. What I miss is the continued learning and the use of my mind, having to think critically and growing my brain (not literally of course, that would be a serious medical condition). I miss the discussions of various topics in class and hearing different viewpoints and perspectives from my classmates. I miss being challenged intellectually. And yes, I do feel a little guilty that since graduation I have only finished one book and it was a work of fiction. (At least it was something!)

So I’m not really sure what this will be because in one sense I don’t have much control over it, and also I am afraid to make a commitment to my blog. However, I would like to at least try to blog once a week, and I would love for it to become a discussion among friends, new and old. With that being said, what is the most recent book you’ve read and what have you learned from reading it?

I recently finished InkHeart and I realized as I read it that I still am very much a child at heart, and my favorite thing to do is to play. Also, I love using my imagination.