My week as an invalid

7 Oct

Disclaimer: This could be incredibly boring, but I am not quick or clever enough this morning to think of something else to write about and I haven’t written a new post in a while. Let’s call this a practice in writing or story telling and while you read about my week, I will think of other fun and interesting things to write about in the near future!

I suppose it all started last week when my wonderful, sweet husband started experiencing symptoms of illness. Being the hard worker that he is, he suffered through the rest of the week at work, and then spent the weekend in bed. I on the other hand, went and did 3 lia sophia parties this weekend and sang on the worship team Sunday morning, leaving my Nathan all alone in his suffering.  I came home Sunday afternoon and realized that I was not feeling all that well either. A wonderful friend of ours dropped off some much needed medicine and food. And Nathan and I were miserable together for the day.

The next two days were absolutely awful- body aches, head aches, congested nose, terribly sore throat. Nate went back to work. I suddenly felt terrible for leaving my husband alone sick all weekend when he felt this way. I should have done a better job taking care of him. Perhaps my punishment for not doing so was inheriting his illness. Tuesday night I went to bed at 10, and slept until 11 the next morning. I felt like a rockstar on Wednesday! Thursday I actually went out into the world to go to work at The Life Connection Counseling Center and a tickle began in my throat, progressing throughout the day and overnight into a lovely, raging cough. So here I am Friday morning, confined to my bed again with hot tea and more episodes of Greek because I want to be healthy to enjoy the weekend with my husband, and hopefully some friends.

It’s been a long week of not feeling well, and it’s been a lonely week of not feeling well because you can’t go out and get other people sick when you’re sick. That’s just not nice.

Perhaps some cleaning will take place this afternoon if I am feeling better. Lord knows the house could use some serious cleaning after this week. I was so looking forward to putting in some hard work this week with my lia sophia business and working on building my clientele for counseling. Perhaps I will work a little bit on these things in between resting and getting healthy 🙂 Perhaps. We shall see.

P.S. What do you think of my new theme? I liked the old one because it was so eclectic looking and artsy fartsy, but I also got sick of it pretty fast. We’ll see how long this new theme lasts. I like to change things up every now and then.


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